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High Pressure Water Cleaning

High-pressure washing is an advanced technique to remove mold, grime, dust, mud and loose paint from the building surface. Sometimes, chewing gum or other substances can make dark spots on the housing surface and high-pressure cleaning is the technique to get rid of it completely. The process is also known as the power cleaning where high-pressure water spray can remove the spot and patches entirely.


The charges are affordable and flexible at RMS maintenance service sdn bhd. It always depends on the nature of the outdoor cleaning and how much area it is going to cover. The other factor is the total hours required for the work.

Office / Building Cleaning

Our professional office / building cleaners are trained in using high technology equipment for office cleaning services. They are also well-trained in using a wide range of powerful and effective solutions and chemicals to remove all types of stubborn stains and dirt from your office floors, bathroom floors and your office carpets and rugs. 


They are trained in using these detergents with the greatest care to ensure no damage is done to your furniture, fittings and other property.

Glass Cleaning (Indoor / Outdoor)

Our window or glass cleaning service at KL, Selangor in Malaysia is performed with professional and safety certified cleaning equipment and solutions. Premises that recently have been built or renovated are highly suitable for our window or glass cleaning service. Besides, it is also suitable for premises which occasinally need a thorough and proper cleaning purpose. With our well-trainedwindow or glass cleaning service cleaners, your windows will be in their best conditions ever.

Carpet and Sofa Cleaning

our professional carpet cleaners will use an industrial high pressure cleaning machine in extracting or removing anymore remaining stains as well as the pre-treatment solutions out of the carpet. A specially formulated rinse is also used to ensure the carpet is now thoroughly stained-free. The end result is you get your carpet looking brand-new, fresh, spotless and thoroughly clean. All the smells and odours are effectively removed in this extraction process.

Floor Polishing

Premises that recently have been renovated are greatly suitable for our floor polishing and cleaning service. This is due to it might involve real tough effort to truly swipe clean the surface from dust and debris. With our skilled floor polishing and cleaning service cleaners, no worries that your floor would look as good as forever. Our floor polishing service is a complementary, specialized service that can be made as specialized request, or can pair up with our other range of cleaning services.  

Factory Cleaning

Our factory cleaning is available to schedule in advanced for weekly, monthly or yearly contract. Our professional office or commercial cleaners will make sure the cleaning work will not disrupt the working environment and every item and asset in the office will be treated cautiously. Our office and commercial cleaning service able to give your employees productive time to focus at work and we will be working without interfering the flow of your employee’s works.

Residential Cleaning

Our condo cleaning service is suitable for anyone from any walk of life with tight and hectic schedule who do not have the time to do house cleaning work. This type of people hardly has got the time to enjoy what they wish to do, needless to mention about having the time to thoroughly clean up the place where they are staying. Contact us now ,let us do the house cleaning chores for you!